I would call myself a physically active phd student and I really like that about me. I think its necessary after all given the sedentary lifestyle of computer-science students. I enjoy doing Bouldering and mountain biking the most. I usually go bouldering on the weekends when I have time to recover. I try to push myself to the limit which is pretty exhausting and fun at the same time. In the end, when i feel exhausted I further drain myself with whatever I could do:

I do mountain biking less often and I usually go for short roads. The thing that keeps me going back is the beautiful scenes and the fresh air while biking, not the cycling itself. That’s why I only do mountain biking! Check out this video of my trip from Tuebingen to Herrenberg, it was not the best time to have my trip on the video but i think its nice overall:

Apart from these I sometimes challange myself physically to see what i am capable of. For insance I had a 2 months Fitness plan where I decided to expose my 6 packs. Here is the video of that if youre interested to watch.

Despite the things I am good at, maybe I should point out what I am terrible at. In that regard, I still can’t swim properly, I tried for a few months to learn to swim with a help of one of my flatmates (thank you Lisa) and I did learn. I can survive now but I still swim funny and inefficient. Maybe that would be the next video?

Hassan Shahmohammadi
Hassan Shahmohammadi
Senior Research Scientist

My research interests include Multi-Modal learning, NLP, Generative Models